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Repair and Maintenance Services

Electroserve Limited offers various maintenance and repair services for electrical installations, including low voltage (LV) board maintenance, light fitting replacement, wiring checks, and general troubleshooting. Our team of experienced technicians can diagnose and repair any issues with electrical installations and ensure that they are running efficiently and safely. We also provide regular maintenance to prevent potential problems and keep the system in good working order.

Generator maintenance and repair services offered by Electroserve Limited include regular inspections, cleaning, and testing of all components to ensure the generator is functioning at optimal performance. This includes checking the fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, control panel, and electrical connections. In case of any faults, our team of skilled technicians can conduct the necessary repairs and replace any faulty parts, such as the alternator, starter motor, or fuel pump, to ensure the generator is running smoothly and reliably.

Solar maintenance and repair services offered by Electroserve Limited include routine inspection of the solar panels, testing of the system components, cleaning of solar panels and troubleshooting of any issues that may arise with the system. Additionally, the company also provide repair services for damaged solar panels, faulty inverters, or any other faulty components.

ICT maintenance work may include regular inspection and repair of CCTV, Access control, IP PABX, NETWORK servers, networking equipment, and other related technology systems. This can involve performing updates and patches, troubleshooting hardware and software issues, optimizing network performance, and managing security protocols.

We offer regular CCTV maintenance to ensure that they are functioning properly and providing clear images for surveillance. This can include tasks such as cleaning and adjusting the cameras, testing and replacing faulty components, upgrading software, and troubleshooting any connectivity or image quality issues. In the event of a breakdown or damage, repair services may be needed to fix or replace the affected components.

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