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Electroserve Limited is a privately held limited liability company established in 2011. The company was registered in response to the rapid advances in the electrical, ICT, and solar energy sectors both in the country and the African continent. We are committed to supporting organizations and individuals by enhancing their safety, improving their efficiency, and promoting growth in their endeavors. Our company policies are designed to achieve these goals and we provide optimal solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our mission and vision

Our mission at Electroserve is to provide quality, innovative, and sustainable solutions in Electrical, ICT, solar, and related fields. We are committed to delivering reliable services that meet the needs of our clients and contribute to the growth and development to achieve their objectives.

Our vision is to be undisputed leader in provision of solutions in key areas of specialization; electrical, ICT and solar services.


Professionalism: Our highly skilled and dedicated personnel demonstrate competence in all our operations, ensuring that we maintain the highest level of standards and deliver high-quality services that meet our clients’ needs.

Integrity: We believe in the importance of rectitude and ethical behavior in all our interactions. Our commitment to transparency helps us to build and maintain trust with our clients and provide reliable solutions.

Value for Money: Our commitment to efficiency and providing optimum customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients ensures that we provide the best value for their money.

Honesty: Honesty is a core value at Electroserve, and we strive to be truthful and transparent in all our dealings with our clients. Upholding this value is essential in maintaining the trust of our clients.


Our location is in Syokimau , Shaba Village, Block A, Unit 3, Old Mombasa Road, off Muthama Access Road, next to the 67 Airport Hotel.


NCA Certified





Our ICT Partners

Cisco Partners with Lexacle Technologies
D-Link Partners with Lexacle Technologies
Panasonic Partners
Yeaster Partners
HIKVision Partners
Wisenet Partners
Siemon Partners
Giganet Partners
ZKTeko Partners

Our electric partners

Philips Partners
Furse Partners
Menvier Partners
Thorn Lighting Partners

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Syokimau, Nairobi, Kenya

Old Mombasa Road, Muthama Access Road,

Next to 67 Airport Hotel Shaba Village unit A3


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Electroserve Limited

Our mission is to offer quality leadership and innovative solutions in electrical, Solar and ICT sales, supply and installation of Electrical Solar and ICT equipment.

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